The identification and placement of the most effective and influential executives forms the majority of our portfolio, current and past.

To date, we’ve placed over 6,500 Candidates. What is more, 75% of our placements achieve promotion within two years of starting their new role.

See, we don’t just find today’s best people; we look at how they’ll cope with the demands of tomorrow as well.

Our clients ask us to take up the fight because of our proven track record of delivery. Scarcity, experience, specialist skills and personality match normally form the basis of each assignment.

We focus on the specific market sectors where our knowledge and experience enable us to shine. We only work for a limited number of clients in any one sector, avoiding conflict of interest and maximising search areas.

We’re proud of these stats and we wanted you to have something to measure us by.

To find out more about what makes us tick, please get in touch.

If you would like to see what our clients say about us, view our testimonials page.

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