The first thing you should be doing after you finish speaking with us is feeling pretty good about yourself. 

We wouldn’t have called if you weren’t doing an outstanding job.

If you are surprised to be contacted by us then don’t be. We’ve been placing minds where it matters for over 50 years so we know how to identify the future stars just the same as today’s exceptional candidates.

If you are feeling torn between wanting to speak with us about an opportunity that we are working on and wanting to remain loyal to your current employer/ continue your good work without distraction then you can relax about that much.

Every single correspondence between us is undertaken in the strictest of confidence. What is more, we would never proceed with negotiations if we didn’t think it would be to everyone’s benefit.

So, instead of wasting your energy being unsure of how to feel about what’s going on, we suggest you have a look around this site.

Here you will find information on how long the process takes, what makes us good at what we do and why you can take us at our word.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to hear about us from people we have worked with before, why not visit our testimonials page?

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